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  1. Buddy: "I am disappointed that the uniforms were not made in the U.S."Why? Do you personally express some form of patriotism by buying only clothes made in the U.S.? I certainly do not. Like most consumers, I purchase the goods which I believ give me the best value for the money I spend. Is there any reason why an olympic team should do otherwise?

  2. ehrlich gesagt, so traurig es ist – es spiegelt die Realität wider. Auch mir ist ein Abriß lieber, als eine Umwidmung in Supermarkt oder Diskothek.Dies ist eben nicht mehr das christliche Abendland (leider) – und wir müssen uns dieser Tatsache stellen, anstatt die Vergangenheit nur zu musealisieren.

  3. Mary Shultz – Hey Amanda!My boyfriend and I just got engaged and I really want engagement pics done. I’ve been looking at a few photograhpers in the area, and your photos are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! If you could email me with some prices, when your available, stuff like that it’s be awesome ThanksMary Shultz

  4. "You'll never sleep…never sleep…never sleep…ever again"Bass turd! [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ] .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Reply:November 25th, 2010 at 1:03 pmYour pump sounds more psychic than motivational. That's good too. We should switch. [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ] .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval Reply:November 25th, 2010 at 1:03 pmYour pump sounds more psychic than motivational. That's good too. We should switch. [ .fqkj{position:absolute;clip:rect(445px,auto,auto,488px);}approval ]

  5. This is unlikely to be true- Salman’s name gets associated with many south film these days- perhaps the makers out there have figured it out that it is one way to hype up the release- Similar articles can be found of Salman doing Chandramukhi sequel, and Vijayan’s son’s recently released movie- and 1 or 2 others also-

  6. i saw Andrew Bird i saw Andrew Bird at liberty state park Friday and still feel like crap that i was down in autisn but didn’t get to watch him there for ACL 07 fest .i did hear him tho and really dug the music! he’s great!!!! Was this answer helpful?

  7. Hey Jackie Completely agree that it is about relationships and caring for your customers more than building numbers. I just don’t get the drive for higher numbers (especially in social media) just to have lots of followers – I would prefer 100 interested readers who buy from me than 1,000,000 people on list of never buy anything and don’t comment on blog posts.Not sure how I could reduce the buying cycle, but you have me thinking (not that I need more ideas or inspiration this week to be honest!)Tash Hughes ( recently posted..

  8. Ajacha bombay ya vishyavarun maza eka parprantiya mitrashi vad zala,mi ani to bas madhun jat astana to sarkha aj muze bombay jana hai…..asa ulekha karat hota….mi rahto goregoavat pachim upnagar mumbai, tycha mahnan hot bombay mahnje dakshin mumbai…mag mi tyala bolalo ata kay apan mumbai chya baher ahot….va spashtpane mahnalo pahile tar bombay navacha kuthal shahar nahi……..next time pasun mumbai hyach navacha vapar kar…………

  9. Excellent post, Pam. Rejection is difficult. I had 17 rejections before that first “call.” Each time I learned something from the obstacle it represented (after licking the wound for a bit). And I’m still learning. A less than flattering review, a fluctuation in sales, a massive edit, whatever. We just keep doing what we do, evolving and growing and learning something new with every day we write, every story we complete. It’s an amazing journey and no matter where each finished project lands, I grew as a person and a writer. Thank you so much for the reminder.

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  11. Wie praktisch, dass die Dokumentation der Gleichwertigkeit, mit der hier alle Vorwürfe rundheraus abgebügelt werden, nur beim Umweltbundesamt gelandet ist, und nicht z.B. als kundenfreundlicke Kopie beigelegt (kann man das UBA auffordern, sie zu veröffentlichen?). Klar: Rostfrei ist dasselbe wie rostend…Das ist eine solche Chuzpe, dass man nur hoffen kann, dass die jetzt politisch Verantwortlichen mit aller möglichen juristischen Härte reagieren. Kleinkrämerei am Rande: Es heißt “Gesetz”, nicht “Gesetzt”

  12. "Od dÅ‚uższego czasu mam wÄ…tpliwoÅ›ci czy fizycy w ogóle cokolwiek wiedzÄ…." CZY TO WRAÅ»ENIE DATUJE SIĘ OD CZASU, GDY ODSTAWIŁEÅš LEKI? Czemu ma sÅ‚użyć ta personalna wstawka pisana dużymi literami na dodatek zupeÅ‚nie poza tematem? @I.C ma racjÄ™, że wÄ…tpi w wiedzÄ™ zwÅ‚aszcza teoretyków. To co wiedzÄ… nie jest wiedzÄ… lecz beÅ‚kotem nowomowy.

  13. Really? I had a friend who booked from overseas using a foreign CC, and never had a problem. It’d be terrible if you had to call them from overseas — waiting for an agent to pick up often take several minutes. I really hope Cebu Pacific would also make as much effort in improving their ground service as they are in their marketing campaigns.

  14. Real school choice will never happen until we remove the federal government from education, completely. Abolish the Department of Education (a complete failure) and let the states really compete. Any transfer of power back to the states MUST be accompanied by reductions in federal taxes, so states can access those revenues at the level of their choosing. Unfunded federal mandates are killing us and these mandates have been the rule of the day since 1988. The Senate's Balanced Budget Amendment does NOT address federal mandates.

  15. El Recorte de las Pensiones es seguro, … pero la intriga está en como se va a hacer????hay que recordar que las pensiones son algo más de un tercio del presupuesto del gobierno1- reducción de importes para los nuevos pensionistas?2- retrasar la jubilación a los 68 años, (adelantar el proceso actual de los 67?)3- congelación o reducción de pensiones para aquellos de más de un importe (entre 1.000 y 1.200 €).4- …recortar las pensiones es seguro, …haya rescate o no, …gane o no las elecciones en Galicia, …se va a RECORTAR LAS PENSIONES. — editado por última vez a las 00:01

  16. Наталья:А какие еще акции сейчас еще компенсируют? Может и Селенгу и фининвест тоже? А как найти вообще хорошую работающую десятку?

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  18. Gratulerer med storgutten, kjenner jeg gruer mere og mere til ungene blir sÃ¥ store,men det er sikkert en sjarm med det og nÃ¥r man kommer dit.Det var sÃ¥ utrolig trygt da de var hjemme hele tiden og spurte om lov til alt de ville gjøre…HÃ¥per dere har feiret stort hele dagen – klem

  19. the general animosity many drivers feel towards cyclists is caused by a sense of entitlement blended with irrational thought (affect heuristic). It has nothing to do with a particular person on a bicycle running a stop light on any particular day …Edit … I do generally stop for lights on roads where it is necessary. I often take roads that don't have lots of traffic … on those quiet neighborhood streets, i generally don't. Then again, check out the multitude of videos of cars rolling through stop signs/lights. we aren't the only ones that do it, so I've never quite understood the controversy.

  20. I don’t see anything shocking about it. It seems totally reasonable — if you were in the market to purchase a house in 2010, you’d be pretty motivated to make it happen earlier in the year and get the credit.People who got motivated about the tax credit prove Einstein was correct.“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Albert Einstein – Rate this comment: 0  0

  21. Vidyut…love yr writing styles( my delete button is not working, so cannot remove the extra “s”). The way you express yr self- strong and clear.  I was in a job i was not that happy with.  I quit and am now doing things closer to my heart( I have a home based online biz which deals in video mails, online channel, video con etc).  After resigning, I felt I should have taken that step earlier.  I sincerely wish you all the best.

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  23. non so per voi ma per me è un'acquisto obbligato in quanto adesso il ds diventerà ben più di una semplice console!il ds vecchio lo darò a mia sorella e il 3 aprile sarò in negozio!l'unico difetto è il mancato supporto di file mp3, doversi trasformare tutti gli mp3 in aac sarà parecchio seccante.comunque io ho letto che lo venderanno a 169,90.ora l'unico dubbio è il colore!

  24. Kirjoitat sopivan kokoisia tarinoita kivalla tyylillä. Et juurikaan moralisoi tai diivaile. Kuitenkin ehkäpä suurin syy siihen, että seuraan blogiasi on se, että edustat kolmekymppisten ikäluokkaa. Olen sinua n. 15 vanhempi ja ystäväpiirissäni ei ole oikeastaan sinun ikäisiäsi. On hauska seurailla, miten keskustassa asuvana pienen lapsen äitinä katselet elämää. t. Katis

  25. SÃ¥ det var ikke sÃ¥ greit uten nett, hehe…;-) En hel uke kan vel gi de fleste abstinenser! Skjønne barnebilder fra ‘gamle dager’, og bare sÃ¥nn til opplysning, sÃ¥ har vi hatt strÃ¥lende vær de siste dagene, hÃ¥per virkelig det fortsetter sÃ¥nn!;-) Ha en fin kveld! Klem B:-)

  26. Basiu to brzmi tak pysznie, że już mi smakuje :) W pierwszej chwili,to misie troszeńkę skojarzyło z naszym kompotem wigilijnym;) No wiadomo zupełnie inny zestaw owoców;) A tak w ogóle to zaintrygowały mnie granatowe rodzynki;) Koniecznie do zrobienia :)

  27. Angie-these avocado creme cheese cookies are not only pretty, but must taste fantastic. Never heard of a cookie made with avocado, and not look totally green…although they would be perfect if they would be green, for Christmas, or St. Patrick's day…just a thought!Wow, so impressing and genuine…only, by no other, than you, Angie!

  28. Si le collector qui coûte 120€, se ramasse une « gueule pareil », je ne préfère pas imaginer le concert pour une place à 140€ Z’en êtes sûr que c’est ce visuel? J’espère qu’elle sortira, un collector… un vrai, comme… à l’ancienne!Y a pas une âme solidaire qui souhaite l’appeler, pour lui donner LA définition du mot « collector ».  Luffy1003

  29. every two or three days!?! You cut to the chase so deftly. I've only discovered your blog recently but I have added it to my daily 'must read' list.I am a lapsed-catholic atheist (a la Oriana Fallaci) yet your opinions resonate so precisely with my own… must be a coincidental allegiance to reason over faith. (both 'Do unto others…' and 'save a life, save the whole world' both imply rational self-interest) Thank you and keep up the good work.

  30. Ezek szerint addig üzemben tarják, amíg lehet. Az ilyesmi jó erősokszorozó, mert másodlagos hadszuntereken ki lehet váltani velük a jóval potensebb gépeket, így azok ott harcolhatnak, ahol igazán szükség van rájuk.Tetszik / Egyetértek: 2 Az értékeléshez be kell

  31. comentou em 10 de maio de 2012 às 10:21. Oi Sarah! O brilho do High Beam é cintilante, e não com glitter, então acho que você vai gostar. Quanto a bilhar muito no sol, eu acredito que iluminador seja mais um produto para usar a noite e em locais fechados, porque com o sol ele tende a ficar mais chamativo mesmo. Bjos!

  32. Je me suis empressée de chercher sur l’AppStore de mon Iphone ce jeu, attirée par cette possibilité de procrastiner tout en vidant ma batterie de téléphone… Pour me rendre compte que j’avais déjà télécharger ce jeu à une époque… et que j’y avais déjà passé pas mal de temps à tenter de battre mon record ! Mais le parcours redondant m’avait finalement lassée…Argh, je vais devoir trouver un autre moyen de perdre mon temps…

  33. Dickens immortalized the Christmas spirit in his classic, A CHRISTMAS CAROL. In doing so, he also showed us the free gift of Christ and joy in Him may be shared by all so that even those of us with the least may experience the most and those of us with the most may find meaning and even joy in our abundance which is otherwise meaningless and dreary without His Presence, love and aroma in our lives.

  34. Es cierto Diego, además del cotorreo que se presta en esta página, debemos esmerarnos en escribir mejor, eso habla bien de uno; y aquí puede no importar tanto, pero, por ejemplo, yo recluto personal, y si me llegan con un curriculum o solicitud de empleo y me encuentro fallas garrafales, como las a veces expuestas aquí, y va para un puesto de cierto nivel, o no vayamos tan lejos, para secretaria nadamás, pues carpetazo y el que sigue… Que pena!!!!Así que Diego, sigue corrigiéndonos…

  35. salamBaguslah kalau ada pemimpin UMNO yang mahu sertai PKR kan negara kita demokrasi tapi janganlah kalau ada orang PKR nak masuk UMNO nanti dituduh pengkhianat dan ugut nak bunuh dan macam2soal laporan atikel akhbar Perancis pasal kematian wanita mongolia tu.. saya rasa tunngu dululah bicara kes dalam mahkamah… jangalah saudara percaya sesuatu tanpa bukti yang sahih kan bahaya tu dan berdosa menuduh orang.. mengucaplah saudara kusalam

  36. Dear PT Maksindo,Sama seperti lainnya Saya juga tertarik untuk memulai usaha kripik buah & sayur dan tertarik dengan alat vacuum frying kapasitas 5 kg, yang ingin Saya tanyakan adalah ada ketersediaan training gratis sebab lokasi saya cukup jauh apabila harus ke malang (Saya di jakarta) dan detail biaya mesin (termasuk ongkos kirim). lalu apakah masih berlaku setiap pembelian mesin dapat gratis alat pengepak plastik. Terimakasih atas jawabannya

  37. +10Magical thinking is common everywhere. A lot of people are still in denial that the oil is (slowly)running out and energy won't ever get cheaper than it is now.But they're looking for easy technofixes and dreaming about flying cars. (even if all US cars were electric, you'd still need about two hundred good sized nuclear plants to provide the power).That's some trillions in investment and completely unacceptable to the TV-watching idiots.

  38. qual'è? qual è? ..prima o dopo sarà accettato da tutte le accademie (salvo quelle dei pedanti) semplicemente perché nessuno scriverà più "qual è"!In fondo accanirsi su "qual" o "quale" dimenticandosi di standard (modello, riferimento,norma…) mi ricorda la storia della pagliuzza e della trave :)

  39. Equally, I ought to mention the extraordinary phenomenom of Don Dunstan in SA as an example of Australians not giving a rat’s ass about personal sexuality. I’m just noodling around the idea that the Rodent years and neoliberalism in full global glory may have spooked Australians into wanting the security of orthodox appearances. Dunno. It might be that the meeja campaign against the PM’s private life will provide some traction. I hope not but don’t feel optimistic at the moment.

  40. I just commented twice on your story because my computer froze and I thought it disappeared. Please delete one I feel like a twat haha. I will definitely be visiting often and have subscribed. You have a gift with words.

  41. Virgílio,mas porquê que o jornalista não lhe fez uma pergunta tipo: "Mas Wolfs não foi contratado pela sua direcção? Nunca festejou um golo dele? Não era a sua direcção, os seus jogadores (incluíndo Wolfs) que iam, rapidamente, jogar com Barça e Real? Ou você saiu e tudo foi abaixo?"é o fazes… não é para isso que pagam ao jornalista (nem ao Barbosa)

  42. Ciao cara….è fantastico, sono felicissima per te. Mauro a settembre mi aveva detto di questo nuovo arrivo durante la proiezione del tuo video sui neo-melodici nei Quartieri Spagnoli (è inutile dire che il video è davvero piaciuto). Da allora è già un pò di tempo che leggo il tuo blog e seguo un pò quello che stai combinando in quel di barcellona….mi sembra che stai davvero in forma!!!!Sono davvero contenta per te!Un abbraccio forte e a prestoBesosSaraDimenticavo….saluti dai compagnelli di napoli

  43. Sveiki, paprastai įtampa dingsta, kai užsiimate kažkuo visiškai nesusijusiu su darbu. Kiekvienas gyvenami skirtingoje situacijoje ir skirtingu tempu. Gal jums būtų koks sportas, kinas, teatras, šokiai, ar tiesiog ilgas pasivaikščiojimas su šuniu klausantis muzikos. Pabandykite skirti kiek daugiau laiko sau, kad atrastumėte įkvepiantį laisvalaikio užsiėmimą, kur kartu ir pailsėtumėte. Was this answer helpful?

  44. doosteramaJuly 12, 2012Yeah, I saw a very similar statistic. I’m a little uncertain as to how that percentage actually plays out across languages from very different linguistic families with different cultural backgrounds. I know in Turkey, for instance, if you ask someone to repeat themselves they say it faster in an almost aggressive tone. This isn’t because they are upset, it’s just culturally ingrained that that is the appropriate tone to take. I wonder, how much talking were you attempting with that Peruvian girl in the club anyway? It is really cool though the multitude of ways we can all make ourselves understood to each other.

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  46. Ostiaaaaaaaaaaas!! Juro que estoy FLIPANDO!!! Nunca pensé que podría ver Sakura Gari publicada en españa, al ser yaoi, y además chungo como es… xDDD Joer que trauma de serie. En fin, ahora tendré que reavivar mi debate interior sobre si me gustó la obra o no… (joer qué caray, terminaré comprándomelo y lo sé -.-)Zettai Kareshi pues como que no me dice nada.

  47. nareszcie pojawila sie kobieta na dziale miesnym ktora pracowala wczesniej u panstwa grabowskich jak dobrze uslyszalam jest to PANI GERTRUDA Z DZIWNOWA bardzo mila usmiechnieta i dosyc sprytna jest to osoba ktora jest mile widziana na miesnym osobiscie chodze jak ta pani obsluguje. a co do innych pan to mam zastrzezenie moze oprocz pani z miedzywodzia. ZYCZE POWODZENIA

  48. muhammed, hellre skada sgi själv än skada andra..som ni wahabiter ju älskar att göra..vÃ¥ldta, mörda, bombar, självmordsattacker allt sÃ¥nt är ok i dina ögon..bara du inte är shia hahah…baba tror du med fullaste allvar att alla shiiter gör det här? Suck…men vad ska man förvänta sig av en som följer wahabismens doktriner? Intelligensen gÃ¥r ut ju mera du läser salafiternas böcker..

  49. et vous pourrez réfléchir encore mieux à ces questions avec genèse 47,29 que voilà:וַיִּקְרְבוּ יְמֵי-יִשְׂרָאֵל, לָמוּת, וַיִּקְרָא לִבְנוֹ לְיוֹסֵף וַיֹּאמֶר לוֹ אִם-נָא מָצָאתִי חֵן בְּעֵינֶיךָ, שִׂים-נָא יָדְךָ תַּחַת יְרֵכִיet croyez bien qu’en la matière, il y a eu des grands hébraïsants, juristes ET médecins qui ont déjà apporté des contributions !Il ne suffit pas de s’affubler de »paracha relue par M.A.O » pour être le Garouste de la RdL

  50. Oh nein, nicht schon wieder ein Werbepost. Ich lese deinen Blog schon seit längerer Zeit. Dein Stil, deine Fotos und deine Texte sind wundervoll. Auch wenn die Workshops, Hallhuber-Tücher, Hallhuber-Jacken, Beauty-Produkte etc. dich bestimmt wunschfrei machen, sehe ich als Leser in diesen Sachen trotzdem nur reine Werbung. Das soll seine Kritik sein, sondern nur kurz beschreiben, wie ich das sehe. Grüße, Isa

  51. C’est vrai que c’est une belle course. Le soleil, la chaleur, le troupeau de chèvres…… J’ai même un bouc (avec un tee shirt vert) qui m’a doublé dans la descente finale. Je pensais bien rester avec toi avec pour objectif 3H15 mais bon moi aussi j’ai manqué de stabilisation (pas optique mais pédestre). C’est sur, on y retournera l’année prochaine. Bravo l’APA.

  52. 14 décembre 2010Je VEUX les mots de passe pour accéder aux dossiers secrets.J’ai essayé « paysan » en mot de passe. Ca a pas marché. J’ai pas cherché plus loin. Sinon le design j’m’en fous, j’arrive, je regarde les titres des articles, je vois si ça me plait, je lis. Car oui, je viens pas pour le paquet moi môsieur, je viens pour m’instruire ! Voilà, c’est tout. Le reste j’ai rien à dire. Mais il est joli ton blog.

  53. The network timeline is interesting as well — according to that (after loading the page a few times times to eyeball outliers), it looks like window.onload was blocked by all the /gallery/* pictures, not the iframes. The last of all the facebook and google resources appear to have loaded ~3seconds before those /gallery/* pictures finished at around the 3-3.25second mark

  54. I say push the witch in the oven! well obviously not really but a letter is a good way to start.. I would be furious and probaby crying if that happened with H… there is such a short time before kids grow up and stop believing in the magic of things. to me Santa is the spirit of christmas.. as much as anything else…its about the time of year the magic, family, love .. be it Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanunka, etc… a sincere appology is not to much to ask for… I hope she gets it.. *hugs* for Miss G

  55. Hey there! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog. Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any points or suggestions? Appreciate it

  56. There’s probably even judicial rulings that cover similar situations. Maybe not SF cases like suspended-animation. But I can easily think of something like a bomber pilot on a raid over islands, shot down over the water, missing-presumed-dead, but in reality managed to parachute out and swim ashore to an island and survive for several years before being found and rescued. I’d presume they do get back pay for the whole time – or is that wrong?

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