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Reliaderm, the Best OTC Pain Cream


Reliaderm is an over the counter medication which is equal in strength and efficacy to most prescription topical pain creams and patches. The ingredients are clinically proven to reduce pain symptoms. It is FDA cleared.

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Product Description

Your active lifestyle can take a toll on your joints and muscles. Instead of waiting for the aspirin to kick in, roll on Reliaderm Topical Pain Relief Roll-On Cream, a fast-acting, over-the-counter analgesic. It provides immediate relief to muscle aches, joint discomfort, arthritis, contusions, nerve pain, and sprains.

Buy our joint pain relief cream today. You’ll start enjoying sports and expending energy without relying on a regular, post-workout dose of oral pain relievers to manage your pain.


Experience Pain Relief With Reliaderm

Chronic muscle and joint pain, a symptom of excessive inflammation, complicates your ability to recover from exercise and other high-energy activities.

To experience pain relief, apply Reliaderm Topical Pain Relief Roll-On Cream right after you’re done with your workout. Make sure to roll the cream on to only the affected areas of your body, using it no more than four times per day. This easy-to-apply, FDA-cleared topical cream uses a combination of menthol, wintergreen oil, and the pepper extract, capsaicin, to decrease inflammation and pain.

At ICON Health Science, we call the synergy of these three natural ingredients Reliaderm Triple Therapy Relief. The menthol and wintergreen oil treat inflammation and reduce swelling, creating a cooling sensation on the applied area. Then the capsaicin activates the muscles and joints with a strong tingling sensation.

Learn more about how this highly effective therapy works, how you can apply it to your skin, and which other ingredients the cream includes on our product information page.


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• Triple Therapy Pain Relief
• No Stain Easy Application Roll On Bottle.
• Easily Absorbable Stain Free Formula.


Reliaderm may be used to treat the following:
  • Muscle aches and sprains
  • Muscular neck pain
  • Foot, ankle, knee wrist, hand, shoulder, back and hip pain
  • Sharp or burning Nerve Pain
  • Arthritis